7 Tips to make your Socks last longer

7 Tips to make your Socks last longer

As usual, we have all been confused about how can we make our socks last longer than ever and even wondered what is the right way to wash our amazing socks... 

Rather than simply tossing socks into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, try cleaning them with care. Following our tips on how to wash socks will ensure that your socks come out fresh, vibrant and ready to face, or rather, foot another day. You just arrived at the right place to know about it all.

7 Tips to make your Socks last Longer: 

  • Check your labels.
  • Always check for stains before washing them, and use stain removal products if you need to.
  • Use cold water.
  • Turn the socks inside out.
  • Use a gentle cycle, like "delicate" or "hand wash."
  • Hang 'em up!
  • Consider air-drying them instead of using a dryer.


These tips will help you to make your socks last longer than ever! Make sure you follow these steps every time before washing your socks and watch how they last forever.
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